Crandall Arambula


Revitalizing America’s Cities.

Crandall Arambula blends visionary planning, design acumen, and practical knowledge in the creation of vibrant and transformative urban places. Our integrated land use and transportation plans address the issues facing cities—climate change, affordable housing, and equitable access—and are consistently adopted and implemented. Inclusive and systematic public participation drives the process, ensuring that our plans arise from and strengthen the community’s vision and are rooted in the firm’s expertise with the market-driven fundamentals of successful urban places.



  • Downtown, Urban Center, and Neighborhood Master Plans.

  • TOD and BRTOD Corridors and Station Areas.

  • Transit Alignment, Facility, and Station Location Design.

  • Complete Streets and Active Transportation Corridors.

  • Streetscape Plans and Designs.

  • Development Regulations and Design Guidelines