Crandall Arambula


We plan for implementation.

The finish line for our projects is not the plan document---We measure success in built projects.

A bold vision is easier to implement than a timid one. Strategic public investment that lays the foundation for a bold and mature vision will stimulate desirable private development. Our work gets results because:

  • Our planning process is transparent and systematic.

  • Public involvement is meaningful and accountable.

  • Design proposals are innovative, detailed, and defensible.

  • The implementation strategy is realistic.

Downtowns and Centers

Save the Heart first.

The central focus of a city or town's retail, housing, employment and civic identity must not be lost to fringe suburban districts or adjacent communities. A downtown must be more than simply a collection of specialty retail shops and civic uses. 

Successful downtown planning establishes physical plans and prioritized implementation strategies that maximize retail, housing, and employment opportunities while integrating supporting transportation facilities. Fundamental real estate siting requirements must be met to attract investor interest. We employ these criteria as a central component of our downtown planning efforts.

Transit and Station Areas

A transit stop alone will not spur mixed-use station area development. 

Successful stations require complete neighborhoods in which land uses are located according to market fundamentals and are integrated with pedestrian, bicycle, auto and transit networks. Housing, shopping and employment are concentrated within ¼ mile of the transit station along a network of walkable and bikable streets.