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An informed and educated public always makes the right decision.

Crandall Arambula follows an innovative, open and transparent public process during each project. We organize and conduct all meetings and workshops to ensure that we gain a clear understanding of the public’s views and integrate that feedback into the plan.

Regular, informed involvement helps stakeholders and the public have a complete understanding of the project and keeps the project moving forward. We use a balloting process to ensure that all stakeholders and citizens—not just the most vocal—are heard. Adhering to this proven process ensures that the plan is supported by the community and is politically defensible.

“In leading Knoxville to a clear vision for its downtown, Crandall Arambula deftly managed a combination of meetings and candid ‘off-the-record’ discussions with different politicians, stakeholders and smaller groups, including each of the mayoral candidates at the time. As a result, hundreds participated in the process and the final proposals were both visionary and realistic.”

Marleen Davis, FAIA
Professor & Former Dean
University of Tennessee
College of Architecture