Key Staff

George Crandall


George has been responsible for more than 50 key urban and community design projects across the country and throughout the West. Many of his local projects have made Portland and Oregon models for planning in America. He has served as President for the Architectural Foundation of Oregon, Board President for 1000 Friends of Oregon, President of the Portland Chapter AIA, and Chair of the AIA Urban Design Committee. As an architect with many major projects in his portfolio, he understands what it takes to get plans built. George earned his Bachelor of Architecture & Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Don Arambula


Donís primary focus is to create livable communities. His 20 years of experience in planning, urban design, and architecture have included projects ranging from urban infill housing to new towns. He has developed tools that enable decision makers and citizens to quickly evaluate transit corridors and station sites and to select those that will maximize transit-oriented development opportunities. His nationally recognized, award-winning projects include downtown revitalization plans, neighborhood development plans, streetscape design, design guidelines and policy plans. Don earned his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning from Colorado State University.

Jason Graf

JASON GRAF, Principal (

Jason has extensive experience creating downtown and neighborhood urban design plans, locally and across the country, that foster pedestrian-friendly communities. He develops design solutions that integrate land use and transportation and stress public investment as a catalyst for private development. His work includes streetscape design, compatible infill design strategies, waterfront design, downtown district planning, community design workshops and facilitation. Jason excels in guiding clients and the public through complex planning issues and finding consensus. Jason earned his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Kentucky.

Jessie Maran

JESSIE MARAN, Principal (

Jessie focuses on the intersection of urban design and communication. She blends the nuances of visionary design and practical implementation strategies to create concise, persuasive, and intuitive stories. Over twenty years, she has been the chief storyteller for streetscape design, downtown district planning, and transit station area and corridor plans across the country and Canada. Jessie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Washington and her Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona.

Cindy Trivisonno

CINDY TRIVISONNO, Urban Designer (

Cindy is an urban designer and project coordinator who specializes in master planning and architectural design. Drawing inspiration from the historical and natural context, Cindy strives to provide accessible cultural centers with an authentic sense of place. She has experience developing design guidelines and standards, multimodal circulation frameworks, and open space design concepts. Cindy earned her Master of Architecture from University of Oregon in Portland and her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kent State University.

Maya Krolikowski

MAYA KROLIKOWSKI, Urban Designer (

Maya is an urban designer & aspiring architect who focuses on master planning and the role of public space in cities . During her Masters, Maya worked as a Research Fellow for the Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) researching and editing the Sustainable Urban Design Framework, this ignited her passion for urban design. Maya currently serves on the AIA Committee for Emerging Professionals & Women in Architecture & Related Design (ForWARD). Maya earned her Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon in Portland and her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Kristen Barrow

KRISTEN BARROW, Urban Designer (

Kristen Barrow has several years of experience in urban design and architecture with a focus on multi-family housing and the design of sustainable, healthy, and equitable communities. She has experience in affordable housing, mixed-use residential and urban infill housing ranging from densities of 50-500 dwelling units per acre. Kristen has developed housing projects in both urban and rural locations and has a background in multi-family housing construction and project management.

Greg Mallon

GREG MALLON, Urban Planner (

Greg Mallon is an Urban Planner who works with the team to produce deliverables for the purpose of presenting information in accessible ways. Previous to joining the team, Gregís experience in community engagement landed him at a local non-profit where he represented the organization at a number of county meetings. He plans to further develop his professional experience and become AICP certified. Greg earned his Bachelor of Science in Community Development from Portland State University.

Hunter Kirkland

HUNTER KIRKLAND, Urban Designer (

Hunter is an Urban designer and aspiring architect with a passion for sustainability and the urban environment. He draws inspiration from a variety of art mediums, current trends, and historic precedents. Hunter strives for meaningful, resilient, and human-centric design. Hunter earned his Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon in Portland and his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Clemson University.


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